Sofia Z Changes the Game

Living in NYC without a personal driver can greatly influence one's choice in footwear. If you are lucky enough to get a seat on the subway there is still the possibility that there might be a long slog on foot to get to where you are going. It is for this reason that I hardly wear heels while darting around town.

Sofia Z has stepped in to change the game. Conceived by Usha Patel, the shoes are manufactured in Brazil and comply according to standards put in place by her engineering background.
Usha is also an avid athlete and completed 5K in her Sofia Z heels in under thirty minutes!

The first time I put a pair of the peep toe platforms on, I couldn't believe it. The heels felt just like wearing a pair of sneakers. I made everyone else in my vicinity try them as well.
They passed the carpet test, slippery linoleum test and they stood up to the mean city streets. While the designs aren't as fashion forward as I'd like, the shoes come in great staples ranging from strappy sandals to boots.
I can't wait for this brand to grow with their designs and hit stores around the country. Much like their existing customer base, I am a fan for life.