The dark and hypnotic new movie which lead character Ethan Hawke is born to play

Movie, New release - Image courtesy of Fibbonacci Films

First Reformed is a slow burn movie filled with dark, sarcastic humor that ignited into a bornfire at the end of the movie. I don't recommend reading the review of this movie at all. Just go see it and be in awe when you walked out of the cinema. The movie was beautifully shot with first class cinematography and top notch color grading. Ethan Hawke's acting was Oscar caliber. Where the story take you though, is something else entirely. Don't give up on the film because it was very slow in the first half hour and seemed like the movie was filled with idle conversation and there would be no pay off in the end. If you sit through it, you will be taken to a remarkable journey that will shock and awe you. This movie is another example that you don't need big budget to create a great film. First Reformed was shot for a meager $2 million and completed in just 20 days. Shot in square format by director Paul Schrader, who wrote Deniro's classic Taxi Driver, this is a lean, mean independent filmmaking at it's best. In art house cinemas near you on May 18th.

6 Questions With Artist Jason Laurits

Born and raised in the state of Delaware, artist Jason Laurits' artistic impulses had taken him to far flung places of the world.
Our creative director caught up with Jason during his trip in Australia and managed to get some tidbit about the throught process that goes into his art...
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The alluring and hypnotic Phantom Thread

Movie, New release - Image courtesy of Focus Features

I was intrigue by this film based on the fact that Paul Thomas Anderson is the director and his re-teaming with Daniel Day-Lewis, who is very picky about the movie he choose to work in. Turned out this movie is another masterpiece in Paul Thomas Anderson's portfolio of filmography. This also happened to be Daniel Day-Lewis' last film because he announced that he is retiring from the movie industry. I guess this mean I will be seeing him more around my neighborhood because he literally live on the next street from where I live. This movie was shot in a slow and hypnotic pace and never really quite pick up the pace but that's a very good thing. What started as a cinematic portrait of an aging couture designer who is living alone at the twilight of his life gradually unfold into a very interesting and unusual love story.

Fine Art Print Week New York Exhibition at the Javitz Center

Taking place from now until October 29th at the Javitz Center, the Fine Art Print Week has been organized by the IFPDA since 2001, bringing together New York City galleries, museums, auction houses, and alternative spaces, and offers lectures and symposia related to prints every fall. You can see works by the old masters like Gauguin, Rembrandt, Picasso, all the way to their modern contemporaries such as Alex Katz, Chuck Close, and Damien Hirst. The IFPDA defines an original print as a work of art on paper, which has been conceived by the artist to be realized as a print, rather than as a reproduction of a work in another medium. The International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA) is the authority on fine art prints and their connoisseurship and collection. As the leading non-profit organization of international art dealers, galleries, and publishers, the IFPDA is dedicated to increasing the appreciation for works on paper among collectors and the general public through exhibitions, programs, art fairs, and the IFPDA Book Award. Through its network, online presence, and public programs, the IFPDA fosters understanding and growth within a global art community interested in prints.

Hundson Jeans Event hosted by Kaia Gerber and NYCult

We attended the festive Hudson Jean event in Soho that's hosted by Kaia Gerber last Friday. The interior of this massive venue was decorated with gigantic wall photos of Kaia and multiple live projections of the Hudson Jean runway collection images. Guests were mobbing the bar (as usual) and lining up in front of the Samsung VR 360 selfie booth. Elle D was minding the DJ deck in the basement to keep the crowd turnt up. The Hudson Jean merchandise were tastefully hung on mannequins under spotlights. Our girl of the hour showed up, pose in front of her big wall picture, took some selfie and pose with fans and promptly ghost out of the venue without most of the guests knowing because they are too busy having a good time. Yet another stellar and professional event put together by Tommy Saleh and his NYCult team.

Another Ryan Gosling's modern classic - Blade Runner 2049 is a visual feast

Sci Fi, movie - Image courtesy of Alcon Entertainment, Columbia Pictures

Another excellent movie from Denis Vileaneuve, my favorite director du jour. Admittedly in the slow side, this movie build itself up towards the big reveal, then blindside you with a twist near the end of the third act. The costume and set design of this movie will inspire the fashion community and blogosphere for years to come. I suggest watching it on the big screen to experience it's full effect and bask in it's visual glory.

If You Still Have Not Seen La La Land Yet...

Musical, movie - Image courtesy of Summit Entertainment

Run to your nearest cineplex to see this amazing movie before it dissapear. However, it seems like La La Land will have a long screening engagement in movie houses near you judging from the box office take, the seven Golden Globes win, and 14 Oscar nominations. Many loves it and few hated it, but the one thing no one can deny is that this movie not only serves you with visual wonders and beautifully crafted long-take dance sequences to gorgeous songs, it also make you FEEL. Not many other movies in recent years can claim to do that to their audiences. The charismatic pull and undeniable chemistry between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling rounded up everything into one perfect movie that entertain and dazzle your senses.

CHOCHENG presents its AW16 collection

A New York designer, CHOCHENG launched his womenswear label in 2005 after graduating from the Parsons School of Design, and opened his NY flagship shop on Madison Avenue in 2009.

Savannah Travels

Savannah has to be the most beautiful, chicest city I have ever been to. It feels like Brooklyn's upscale genteel sibling. Obviously, the architecture is incredible. The Spanish moss draped trees are breathtaking and the abundance of little squares, inspiring. In addition to all of the historic eye candy, I have a feeling the Savannah College of Art and Design plays a huge role in setting the fun and cool tone of the city.
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The Balance of Opposites with RVCA

RVCA is rolling out a slate of new design from it's fall line. Through it's ethos of "The Balance of Opposites"...

Jet Set Candy charms

I have two obsessions in life: travel and accessories. Jet Set Candy has found a way to combine the two with their whimsical charms and line of jewelry.
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Sofia Z changes the game and Ecco personify summer comfort

Sofia Z, conceived by Usha Patel, has stepped in to change the shoe game while Ecco footwear is helping the cause by producing comfortable footwear perfect for help one "dress normal".
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Building upon 13 years of unparalleled success, world-class hair salon ARROJO is thrilled to open their new Williamsburg salon – the first of two locations that opens this Spring.
The Williamsburg salon has joined ARROJO's original flagship in SoHo located at 180 Varick Street, and precedes a second opening in TriBeCa at 200 Hudson Street in May.
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photography, event, ( Genesis, 2015 - photo courtesy of David Zwirner, © Philip-Lorca diCorcia )

New York – An exhibiton of large-scale photographs from Philip-Lorca diCorcia's ongoing East of Eden series will be shown at David Zwirner on April 2 – May 2, 2015.
On view at 525 West 19th Street in New York, the exhibition marks the United States debut of the series, which was first shown in 2013 at David Zwirner, London.
Opening reception: Thursday, April 2, 6 – 8 PM

Dr. Martens new STAND FOR SOMETHING campaign

Dr. Martens #STANDFORSOMETHING campaign continues to celebrate these free-thinking individuals; from the first timers to those who have been with us forever.
These are authentic characters who stand for something. Featuring a diverse cast, the campaign represents people of different ages, backgrounds, occupations and personalities. They all have one thing in common - they wear Dr. Martens boots and shoes with pride and passion, an empowering mark of something worth standing for.
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New York – The Gagosian Gallery was conducting a book signing event with Peter Lindbergh and appearance by Uma Thurman to celebrate the release of Peter's new book: IMAGES OF WOMEN II: 2005 - 2014 last Friday, March 27th, from 6-8pm at the Gagosian Shop.
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Photography, event, ( photo courtesy of Howard Greenberg Gallery, © William Klein )

New York – WILLIAM KLEIN + BROOKLYN, an exhibition of new color photographs by one of the leading photographers of the 20th century, will be on view at Howard Greenberg Gallery from March 19 – May 2, 2015.
The exhibition presents nearly 50 images from the summer of 2013 is accompanied by a book BROOKLYN + KLEIN (Contrasto, Spring 2015). An opening reception with the artist will be held on Thursday, March 19, from 6 to 8 p.m.


Sperry has tapped cool photographer, Gray Malin, to use his prints on their newest footwear collection. Known for his breathtaking, aerial views of beaches around the world the prints blend seamlessly with Sperry's casual sneaker designs.
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AXIS and RVCA closed out the tradeshow with an official closing party, hosted by RVCA babe Ashley Smith.
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