Jet Set Candy charm bracelets

I have two obsessions in life: travel and accessories. Jet Set Candy has found a way to combine the two with their whimsical charms and line of jewelry.
Creating what I feel is an adult charm bracelet, their luggage tag charms feature an imprint from various airports around the world. I almost want to visit each city just to rack up more charms.
However, I am completely obsessed with the moveable charms that you can add to an already stunning bracelet. The Chrysler Building with a pop out key? Magic lantern with 3 diamond 'wishes'?! Yes please! They even have cocktail shakers to commemorate your Caipirinha in Brazil or a Cosmo in Manhattan. And of course the recipe is included on the charm.
The attention to detail reminds me of vintage charms I find throughout my travels and since they come in sterling silver and gold vermeil they would make great gifts. I'm thinking bridesmaids gifts, graduation, something for your friends' big move.
The perfect thing to feed my wanderlust soul. Available at