The Balance of Opposites with RVCA

RVCA is rolling out a slate of new design from it's fall line. Through it's ethos of "The Balance of Opposites", the label named of it's new collection with catchy titles like "Local Tourist" and "Night Sweat". We are loving the subtle, modern take of tie dye pieces like the vintage white Breezy (women) and Lightning Wash tees (men).
Ashley Smith's signature line, drawing inspiration from the punk rock days of her youth, crafted a collection that fuse masculine and feminine sensibilities, a balance of opposite.
The Out For Run skirt with it's asymmetrical hemline that expose the pleated chiffon lining is a stand out from this collection.

The label continues to support and spotlight talents through it's Artist Network Program (ANP), which was developed to give back to the artists and provide a platform for creative growth through it's collaborative efforts.