SHOLDIT: Scarf and purse in one

I have found the solution to living a hands free life- the SHOLDIT scarf has a zippered pocket to combine warmth and a purse in one leaving me free to live life without the burden of a bag.
I always have a problem during winter months- not wanting to carry a purse with my bulky coat. I found this scarf perfect for trekking outside this winter in the bitter cold while wearing a puffer and not having to worry about my purse slipping off of the slick fabric. It was so nice having everything around my neck.
The SHOLDIT was immensely helpful when at the airport. All of my important documents were right around my neck, hands free to take off shoes, coats, etc.
I could pack the SHOLDIT full of stuff and not worry about bringing too many items on the plane. The zippered pouch inside the scarf is large enough to carry even a bottle of water! Not to mention I didn't worry about my purse being stolen. This was the perfect airport accessory.
This is my new go to for every event I need to be hands free for- ice skating, concerts, museums, quick trips to the bodega, anything that requires a hands free life!